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Fingliss Art - Rhode Island

Positively Criminal - A Year of Positivity

Positively Criminal - A Year of Positivity

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"Crimes of Positivity" is more than just a Facebook page or a project to me; it's a heartfelt journey that began in 2017, deeply intertwined with my personal path to sobriety. This endeavor started about a year and a half after I embraced a sober lifestyle, marking a pivotal point in my life. With dedication and regularity, almost every day for several years, I nurtured this project. It became a part of my daily routine, a ritual of sorts, though there were periods when I took a break, and my contributions became more sporadic, continuing into 2021.

The core idea of "Crimes of Positivity" was to capture a moment of inspiration each day. I would either find or create a meaningful quote that resonated with me, and pair it with a photograph I had taken. These weren't just any photographs; they were snapshots of my life, capturing moments from the day or, in later years, reminiscent memories from the same day in previous years. This combination of thoughtful words and imagery was not just an artistic endeavor, but a profound tool in strengthening my sobriety. Each quote set an intention for my day, guiding and grounding me in my ongoing journey of self-improvement and mindfulness.

Sharing these creations brought me immense joy. It allowed me to connect with others, engaging in enriching interactions centered around the daily quotes. It became a communal experience, extending the personal impact of each post.

As you delve into this book, you're invited to explore a compilation that spans a year's worth of these quotes and images. Each page is a reflection of a day in my life, a piece of my journey. The project, which can be found at, may see a revival in the future as it continues to hold a special place in my heart.

A significant part of this project, and indeed my journey, was shared with my dear friend William Burdett, affectionately known as “Wild” Bill. Bill was not just a friend but a pillar in my early sobriety. His support, wisdom, and companionship were invaluable. We shared countless conversations, sat side by side at meetings, and enjoyed many meals together. His passing left a void in my life, but his spirit and the lessons he imparted continue to inspire me. This book is dedicated, with the deepest sincerity and gratitude, to his memory. Bill, your presence is deeply missed, and your impact on my life is immeasurable. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

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